General conditions

Please read the conditions of the accommodation contract:

General conditions of the accommodation contract of Lar Xabarín, S.L. to 02/01/2017

1.- Area of application:

a) These Conditions apply to all contracts that govern the lease of rooms and beds as well as other services and services performed by Lar Xabarín, S.L. (located at Avda de Galicia, 28 27730-Abadín Lugo), with CIF number ES B27479344

b) The subletting of the leased rooms and / or their use for purposes other than accommodation require the prior written consent of Lar Xabarín, S.L ..

c) Conditions other than those established in this writing, in favor of the client, will only be applicable if agreed in writing in advance.

2.- Formalization of the contract, responsibility of the parties and prescription:

a) This contract was born at the time when Lar Xabarín, S.L. accept the client’s reservation request. Lar Xabarín, S.L. You have the right to confirm in writing (by email) the reservation of the room. Failure to make such reservation confirmation will entail the cancellation of the same without the right to compensation by the client.

b) The parties to the contract are Lar Xabarín, S.L. and the client. If a third party makes the reservation on behalf of the client, it will be jointly responsible – together with this – in front of the Hostel of all the obligations of the accommodation contract.

c) The hostel will be responsible for all the obligations of the accommodation contract. In case of atypical services, this responsibility is limited to cases of intent and gross negligence of the Hostel.

d) All customer claims are prescribed after 3 months.

e) The limitation of liability and the short period of limitation shall apply to the hostel, even if it contravenes its obligations with respect to the pre-contractual costs and the actual breach of the contract.

3.- Services, prices, payment and settlement:

a) Lar Xabarín, S.L. he is obliged to have the room reserved by the client and to provide the agreed services.

b) The clients are obliged to pay Lar Xabarín, S.L. the applicable and / or agreed price for the lease of the room and any other services that have been enjoyed. The above will apply to all services and equipment of Lar Xabarín, S.L. to which the client provides access to third parties. Payment will be made at the time of the customer’s check-in

c) The agreed prices include the VAT applicable to the legal rate. In case of VAT increase, Lar Xabarín, S.L. reserves the right to revise upwards the price stipulated by contract. The foregoing shall apply to the imposition or increase of taxes and charges that are directly related to the stay.

d) Also, Lar Xabarín, S.L. You can check the prices if the client wishes to modify the number of booked places, the services provided or the length of stay of the guests, provided that the hostel consents to it.

e) The invoices issued by Lar Xabarín, S.L. No expiration date must be paid in full within 5 days of the date of issue. The hostel has the right to declare any accrued amount due at any time and demand immediate payment. In case of non-payment, the hostel can apply the corresponding legal default interest. The client must demonstrate, for his part, the existence of a lesser damage, while the Hostel, for his, of a greater one.

f) With due observance of the legal provisions on tourist packages, Lar Xabarín, S.L. You have the right to demand a proportional advance or bond at the time of formalization of the contract or afterwards. The amount of the advance and the terms of payment can be stipulated in writing in the contract. All group bookings (more than 6 people) or those that exceed € 100, will be required to pay an advance that will define Lar Xabarín, S.L. at the time of booking based on the availability, amount and dates of the reservation. Not making the payment of the deposit or advance will lead to the cancellation of the same without the right to any compensation by the client

g) The client can only compensate or deduct the unchallenged or legally null debts of those alleged by Lar Xabarín, S.L ..

h) It is only allowed to pay on account by private guests and private groups with authorization from Lar Xabarín, S.L. and upon presentation of proof of payment.

i) The possible costs and bank fees for the return of debts are paid by the client.


4.- Resolution by the client (cancellation, among others) and services of Lar Xabarín, S.L. reserved, but not enjoyed (no presentation, among others):

– Unless otherwise agreed, the reservation can be canceled without charge until 0.00 h the day before arrival. By way of example, if, according to the reservation, a guest arrives on 4 / Jan / 201X, cancellations prior to 23.59 on the 2nd / Jan / 201X will not have any cost.

– Unless otherwise agreed, any deposit or deposit deposited as confirmation of the reservation is not refundable. The remainder will be up to 4 weeks before arrival, after which the following cancellation fees will be charged:

a) In the case of reservations made through third parties (for example, travel agencies), the cancellation policy published by said third parties will apply.

b) The contracts formalized by the client with Lar Xabarín, S.L. must be solved in writing, for which the consent, also written, of Lar Xabarín, S.L is required. If this is not the case, the agreed price must be paid by contract, even if the client has not enjoyed the services.

d) The client is free to prove that no damages have been caused or that those resulting for the hostel are below the required lump sum.

5.- Cancellation by the hostel:

a) If any of the advance payments agreed or required in these general conditions is not made, not even after the appropriate grace period set by Lar Xabarín, S.L., this will have the right to withdraw from the contract.

b) In addition, the hostel is entitled to terminate the contract in an extraordinary manner for justifiable objective reasons, for example, if a case of force majeure or other circumstances that are not attributable to it impede compliance; if the rooms have been reserved in response to misleading or false statements of the relevant facts, for example, as far as the name of the client or the object is concerned; if the hostel has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of its services may endanger the proper functioning of its commercial activities, the security of the Hostel or its public reputation, without this being attributable to its responsibility or branch of activity.

c) The Hostel must inform the clients immediately in writing of their intention to exercise their right of resolution.

d) The previous cases of resolution do not enable the client to demand compensation for damages.

e) Lar Xabarín, S.L. reserves the right to transfer the client to another hostel in the same city, duly observing the same category of the reserved room, and inform the client of it. In this case, the client has the right to withdraw from the contract without any expense.

6.- Room availability, transfer and reimbursement, and other provisions that govern the stay in the hostel:

a) The client has no right to be installed in a room or on a concrete bunk.

b) In the case of reservations of groups of (more than 4 people) staying in rooms with more than one bed, the hostel will determine the configuration in which the guests will stay, unless it has been confirmed in writing that certain accommodations will be provided. bedrooms.

c) The reserved rooms will be made available to customers from 2:00 pm on the agreed arrival date. Before said time, the client will lack access right.

d) The deadline for arrival at the reserved rooms is 7:00 p.m. on the agreed date. In the event that the reservation has not been confirmed by means of an advance or bail, the hostel has the right to reassign the rooms after 6 pm, without the client being entitled to demand compensation for this.

e) On the date of departure, the rooms must be left and made available to the hostel:

– at 10 a.m.m. maximum, in the case of private guests;

– at 10:30 a.m. maximum, in the case of groups (4 or more people). After this time, the hostel may apply a surcharge of 50% of the full amount of the published price as compensation for the extra occupancy of the room until 5:00 pm, after which time it will rise to 100%.

f) Groups of 4 or more must provide the hostel with a list with the full name of all guests before arrival, including full contact information and passport.

g) If the total number of guests exceeds the number stipulated by contract of persons, additional persons will not be entitled to accommodation.

h) To have accommodation, children under 18 must always be accompanied by at least one adult or submit a parental or guardian authorization, including a copy of the national identity document of the person in question. This rule will not apply to those traveling in groups accompanied by an adult with parental or guardian authorization.

i) Pets are not allowed. Large medical devices are only allowed in private rooms.

 7.- Meals

a) The hostel offers the traveler an equipped kitchen, for your use. The traveler can use all the existing equipment in the same, inside the enclosure, to prepare the food that he wants, committing himself to leave the placed equipment and in the same conditions that he found it.

b) The kitchen can not be used during rest hours. The hostel reserves the right to close access to it, when it deems appropriate, for example, to avoid inconvenience to other travelers.

c) The hostel offers the traveler a basic breakfast, which is not included in the price of the room, is free. The hostel has the right to modify it or even cancel it without prior notice. It will be available to travelers from the first hour until 10 a.m., although the schedule can be modified according to the announcement in reception.

8.- Responsibility:

a) The customer will be responsible for the damage suffered by the inventory caused by negligent or negligent actions. The entire group will be jointly and severally liable when the damages that have been caused by a part of it are not declared.

b) The shelter will act with the diligence of a good family man. In those areas outside the usual services, your liability will be limited to cases of non-compliance, damage, consequential damages or disturbances that have been caused by the willful breach of an obligation or gross negligence on the part of the shelter. If the disturbances or defects occur with respect to the provision of the service by the shelter, it will correct it as soon as it becomes aware of it or receives the complaint from the client, which is obliged to contribute to the extent that it is fair and reasonable. correct this disturbance and limit all possible damage.

c) The shelter will be liable to the client for personal possessions in accordance with the legal provisions. The possible responsibility on the part of the hostel is limited to 1,500.00 euros for each specific case; in the case of money, important documents and valuables as defined in the Spanish Civil Code, the maximum liability is limited to 800.00 euros for each case. The hostel is not responsible for the belongings that have been left unattended in the common areas and outside of the shared rooms. Money and valuables up to a value of (insured amount) must be deposited in the lockers of the rooms. The hostel recommends customers make use of these facilities. Claims for liability will prescribe if the client does not immediately inform the hostel in accordance with the Spanish Civil Code.

d) In accordance with the legal provisions, the shelter will be responsible for all damages suffered by the client’s personal property, as well as those for their life, physical integrity or health. The use of equipment and facilities located in the recreation areas is at the customer’s own risk.

e) In those cases in which a slogan is placed at the disposal of the client, there will be no protection agreement, even if payment is made. The hostel will not be responsible in case of loss or damage of the continent or of the contents.

f) The delivery of messages, mail or shipments to the guests will be done with care. The shelter accepts its delivery and storage, and, when requested, will proceed to send it to the corresponding rate. During a period of 3 months, the found objects will be conserved and sent to the corresponding tariff. The hostel declines all responsibility for it. Claims for damages are excluded, unless there is serious negligence or willful misconduct.

9.- Final stipulations:

a) Any modifications or supplements to the contract, and acceptance of these Conditions of stay in the hostel, must be made in writing. Modifications or unilateral supplements by the client will have no effect.

b) The place of execution and payment is the location of the shelter.

c) This contract is governed by Spanish law.

d) SIf any of the individual stipulations contained in these General Conditions is or becomes null and void, the validity of the remaining stipulations will not be affected thereby. This contract is also governed by the applicable legal provisions.