“Xabarín”: The detail

Seven years ago, this month, was published the classic book “The Little Prince”, written in a hotel in New York by Antony Exupery: “Here it´s my secret which could not be more simple: only with your heart can you see perfectly; the essential are invisible to our eyes”.

We agree with this statement but it´s true as well there are things you can know through feelings. In Xabarín we have left our heart in every corner of this place, looking for the little details that make the difference.

The technique used by one of the major Spanish hiperealistic  painters “Pedro Campos”, whose roots are firmly fixed in this land, is based on “finding every small detail of the whole of the work”. He takes everyday objects and transforms them into art with soul.

In the main area of the hostel we show a “photo” of one of our favorite works of the artist “Candies and Corn-Flakes”. We identify values of our Xabarin in each of the three objects is represented:

  • Transparent glass: What could be more honest than to transparenting?
  • Corn Flakes: Is anything better known than a great bowl of cereal to wake up to everymorning?
  • Candies: Is there anything sweeter and that leaves a nicer taste in your mouth than candies and that you can´t stop eating?

This is what Xabarin is all about: honest and welcoming, leaving you wonderful memories of your in it here, so that, you´ll want to come back again.

His natural abilities, as well as other factors, have led “Campos” to became famous and his paintings are exhibited in countries such UK, USA, Canada, Spain, … We believe, but we´d have to ask him, the factors we have mentioned are: the strength, patience and searching for detail until you achive perfection.

These values will guide Xabarin.

See Pedro Campos paintings.