“Xabarín”: the name

To start travelling together, we would like you to come to know us. Today we are going to start with the reasons behind the name.

One can easily see a play on words between the animal and the place where we are, just two letters differentiate them. But deeper reasons led us to choose it.

The “Xabarín” is an animal which is very abundant in the area: “Serra do Xistral” appearing especially in winter, when they show their little ones how to find their way.

This animal has a series of characteristics with which we identify our project and they are fundamental values to it:

  • Sociable / Family oriented to: the “Xabarín” is very sociable, always traveling in a group. We are the ideal rest in place for those who visit Abadín and its surroundings in a group of friends or family.
  • Adaptability: the “Xabarín” is endemic in some areas thanks to its incredible strength and adaptability to the environment. We want to be able to meet your expectations.
  • Tireless: the “Xabarín” travel long distances to provide for their family. We want to be indefatigable in improving the service and the quality day to day.
  • Leave a trace: the “Xabarín” leaves a trail in the territory where they are. We want to leave a very positive impression on you after your stay with us.
  • Finally, but fundamentally, the emotional part: Granny IRENE, with her eternal smile, cooked the best “xabarín stew” that we have ever tasted. This name is a tribute to her.

Por último, pero fundamental, la parte emocional: la abuela IRENE, con su eterna sonrisa, nos cocinaba el mejor “guiso de xabarín” que nuestro paladar ha degustado. Este nombre es un homenaje a ella.