“Xabarín”: the sintonía.

Looking at the definition of “sintonía” in the Royal Spanish Academy, we can see the different meanings of the word and relate them to our project:

1.- A person or character that adapts easily to the social environment.

This ties in perfectly with the values ​​of our Xabarin: adaptability, with the aim of meeting your expectations.

2.- Identical ideas or opinions.

It seems simple to be in tune when ideas and opinions are the same; but, at least in our perception, it is also possible, even when these are divergent; there must be a more important value that of “respect”.

Again, it links with our philosophy: we hope to win your trust and respect by offering you a good and high quality service.

3.- A sound signal: the melody which marks the beginning of a radio or television program and serves to differentiate it among others.

Xabarín is an exciting project and this is the “sintonía” with which we identify:

In the middle of nowhere”

Xabarín is “in the middle of nowhere” in an unknown area to tourists, but with beautiful surroundings such as “Serra do Xistral” which we invite you to explore.

This song conveys to us the need to find our way in life, as well as the nostalgia you feel when you are away from home; this feeling was described very well by the story of Ulysses on his journey to Ithaca. After a trip full of emotions, adventure, uncertainty, shared joys, … there´s always the desired to return home, your place of “rest”.

To us, “Xabarín” takes us to that place of belonging, of pride, “our roots”, “our way and our starting point”. We want Xabarín to be for you: “Your house, the best place for resting”.

Behind “In the Middle of Nowhere” is Cris Roman, a Galician songwriter, with her origins also in this area that, with her voice and her compositions, conquers our hearts. Cris Román, shows us her soul in this first album in the market; she talks about her feelings, her life and how it is; but above all, and we would like to emphasize this, Cris Román is an indefatigable fighter in search of her dreams that, in short, have become reality; for example, recently she has been awarded a “ PhD in Psychology” and her latest and most challenge “becoming a mother”.

We want you to enjoy her music and also to follow your dreams; We, as Xabarín, are following ours and we hope to share little by little ( “A cuentagotas”) a lot of good moments together.